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Evaluation Rubric

Although these are positive forward developments and assuming continued funding is made available, it is still well over eight years after apps arrived and presently there still remain no guidelines, but perhaps this is not surprising when the NIB (2015b) publically acknowledged that other industries are between ten and twenty years ahead of the health and care system when it comes to the use of technology.

Smartphones, tablets and appropriate medical apps can enhance and support learning in the context of the medical curriculum. However, due to the increased number of available medical apps and the current unregulated nature of app development and deployment, previous research undertaken by the eLearning team identified that a process for quality assurance of apps and clear guidance was necessary to support both medical students and staff.

Therefore, in addition to the health service, perhaps both medical students and staff from academic institutions should take a role in evaluating medical apps for suitability for learning within the medical curriculum using faculty agreed guidelines.

Until more formal UK guidelines for assessing medical apps are put in place, a Medical Education App Evaluation Rubric has been developed which can be used to assist FoM students and staff in evaluating and reviewing any medical apps that they come across.

Medical Education App Evaluation Rubrick

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