Student Projects: Technology, Education and Health

The eLearning team welcomes medical students who wish to pursue their BMedSc research project in the field of Technology, Education and Health. All students are supported on their projects through close supervision by eLearning staff members. Our current interests are the development of interactive education solutions and research in the use and benefits of educational technologies such as mobile learning. This is a selection of previous student research projects conducted in the field of Technology, Education and Health.

Student projects (2015-2016)

Using Social Media to achieve global health education outcomes

An assessment of current medical student use of social media and their attitudes towards their own personal digital professionalism.

Should Histology have an elearning resource?

Investigating current resources available for students managing problems during medical school and offering advice and suggestions regarding the possible creation of an elearning resource to help them access support more easily.

Student projects (2014-2015)

Factors contributing to the use of mobile apps as an educational resource among medical students.

Student projects (2013-2014)

Exploring use of medical apps amongst medical students and staff

Student projects (2010-2011)

Can digital signage systems be used as a learning aid in the preclinical years?